Who We are

La Marc (U) Limited, is the producer of La’ Marc Coffee a highly quality product that focuses at giving the finest cup of coffee and providing a lifetime experience to the coffee lovers through the smooth taste. With La’ Marc coffee, the young and older generations are brought together in perfect harmony with the contagious taste.

In 2010 one of La’ Marc’s main partner coffee farm was established to grow the finest coffee beans with a passion and desire to share this experience with other coffee lovers world over. In 2016, production and processing of La’ Marc coffee materialized with visionary and insightful support from a British celebrated farmer, Mr. Andrew Mark Hall of the Hall Hunter Partnership.


“World’s window to Uganda’s finest coffee”

A window through which the world accesses Uganda’s finest coffee varieties produced and processed with amazing innovations.


La’ Marc (U) Ltd exists to expose Ugandan finest coffee to the entire world through capacity building of local farmers to embrace technology, increased access to high quality inputs, value addition, research innovations and access to national and international skills building exchange programs.

Core Values

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality production
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Environmental conservation
  • Team work with high integrity

La’ Marc was therefore, established to contribute to the government’s numerous strategies through three major approaches

  1. Increasing coffee production
  2. Increasing local coffee consumption
  3. Creation of employment opportunities for youth and women. with guidance from the coffee policy document/ National Coffee Policy launched in 2013 and support from other government departments such as Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

La’ Marc’s guiding forces therefore focus on;

  1. Supporting increased coffee productivity 
  2. Promotion of coffee value addition activities 
  3. Advocacy for increased domestic consumption  
  4. Enhanced coffee research and innovation and
  5. Development of strategic networks.

At La’ Marc we believe that coffee is a commodity that has continued to play a leading role in the economy of Uganda, contributing between 20 and 30 percent of the foreign exchange earnings. However, although large scale coffee producers are gradually emerging, the coffee sub-sector is almost entirely dependent on about 500,000 smallholder farmers, 90 percent of whose average farm size ranges from less than 0.5 to 2.5 hectares. La’ Marc therefore envisions, using her approaches to mobilize local farmers, increase the size of their farms through proper use of dormant land and encourage many of the youth to engage into coffee farming for livelihood, which will be key in reviving the coffee sector and expanding its capacity.

Demonstrating affordable irrigation systems to the farmers
Taking small holder farmers through wet processing stages during one of the annual coffee shows

La’ Marc equally directs her efforts towards behavioral change mainly among youth and women by focusing on various opportunities through the entire value chain, as well as offering training and mobilizing logistical support to help interested youths engage into coffee farming. Also, social constructs that stereotype children and women as the minority group in society and create imaginary barriers to economic growth and development are broken through provision of equal opportunities for all.