La’ Marc Coffee is a premium Ugandan coffee brand founded in 2016 to provide coffee lovers with a lifetime taste experience. Our story begins in 2004, when Geoffrey, the foundation’s founder, lost his parents and was left to care for eight siblings at a young age, and coffee grown on less than an acre of land became their primary source of income.

Geoffrey met Marcie, a 17-year-old girl who had been impregnated and left to care for herself and her unborn child, in 2016. His desire to assist Marcie in getting out of this difficult situation grew into a dream of changing the lives of teenage mothers, which led to the creation of this brand. Unfortunately, Marcie’s baby died soon after birth. She underwent barista training and managed La’ Marc’s first coffee shop, which opened just before COVID 19 and was forced to close for two years due to lock-down. When the lockdown was lifted and businesses were allowed to reopen, the building caught fire and burned down, destroying the coffee shop, which had no insurance, this however didn’t stop La’ Marc from expanding to achieve its objectives.

Marcie, on the other hand, has blossomed into a strong, beautiful young lady who has undergone extensive spiritual and physical healing. She is a mentor to teen girls who come to La’ Marc Foundation for assistance and receive hope in our Lord as well as a new beginning with spiritual and physical healing for themselves and their babies. Since then, La’ Marc coffee has evolved into a social initiative (La’ Marc Foundation) through which teenage mothers whose futures have hit rock bottom are supported in collaboration with other stakeholders such as the Hall Hunter Foundation, Mityana Charity, and PaCT in order to rebuild their hope and be groomed into responsible and productive members of society.

Teen mothers gather at the La’ Marc center to participate in coffee value chain activities, as well as to receive psychosocial support, skills training, spiritual reconstruction, and parenting guidance, among other things. Our ability to thrive is primarily due to the love and support of our partners, such as Mark and Mary Hall, who have contributed to our growth in varied degrees. You can be certain that by purchasing La’ Marc coffee, you are helping to restore hope to many teenage mothers.