There is always a great opportunity associated with every challenge in life, regardless of whether it is on a personal or societal level; what matters is the significance of the opportunity to society. Having faced the difficulties of household management at a young age after the demise of my parents, I have always prayed to God to make me the agent of social transformation that so many desire. Progress has never been a fantasy for me. It has always been a distant possibility, and once one milestone is reached, there is always another one to be reached. I founded La’ Marc Foundation in 2016 with this philosophy in mind, using coffee farming and processing as a springboard to create sustainable businesses with the aim of increasing household income.

With over 15 years of experience in community development programmes and close to 10 years in the coffee industry, I understand how locally accessible resources can be used to improve the lives of communities. Therefore, we are committed to helping 80 teen mothers annually become successful entrepreneurs. With the assistance of my brilliant team and other stakeholders, I have no doubt that many teenage mothers and young entrepreneurs will regain their footing and achieve global recognition.

The journey of La’ Marc is never-ending, but I am confident that as a result of the high quality that comes with the La’ Marc coffee brand, which is a true representation of Uganda’s premium coffee, the demand for our product will increase, thereby providing assistance to many teenage mothers. Given its intrinsic value, coffee has proven to be a reliable product that can stimulate community growth on a global scale. Therefore, we will continue to promote coffee cultivation at all levels as a strategy for eradicating all forms of poverty and preserving the environment.

Every time you purchase a pack or a cup of La’ Marc coffee, you are impacting thousands of teenage mothers and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. Our confidence is therefore built on your commitment to consuming La’ Marc coffee and expanding the message of good cause.

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