Our counseling achieves
  •  Greater self-acceptance and self esteem
  • Ability to change self-defeating behaviors
  • Better expression and management of emotions
  • Relief from depression, anxiety and mental health conditions
  • Increased confidence & decision-making skills
  • Improved problem solving and conflict resolution abilities
  • A stronger sense of self and purpose 

Restoring The Lost Hope

Teenage mothers go through a lot during the process of getting pregnant.

Although some get pregnant knowingly in the process of seeking survival as a result of too much poverty and losing hope for the future, a large number of girls experience unforgettable and painful events during the conceiving process, leaving them traumatised, depressed, and giving up on life. Our counsellors work with teenage mothers to help them manage mental health issues like anxiety and depression, with the ultimate goal of empowering them to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Finally, the teen moms rediscover their life’s meaning or purpose, begin to experience positive emotions, self-esteem and confidence, and engage in active copping.


With the generous support of people like you, our teams are helping save lives, providing lifesaving assistance to young mothers and delivering urgent basic needs for them.

Together, we can take urgent action to prevent premature pregnancy. Now is the time to act and help girls survive the substandard life.