Our Future Plans

Rural communities in Uganda face significant socioeconomic constraints, including high levels of household poverty, weak social service systems, and deeply ingrained negative socio-cultural norms that exacerbate gender disparities, among other things. This leaves youth, particularly girls, with limited decision-making power, limited access to and ownership of resources, and a lack of skills required to access gainful employment, limiting their ability to fulfil their rights as human beings and citizens and thus restoring marriage at a young age.

In addition to teen pregnancy, an estimated 80% of the young population lives in rural areas, where they face a variety of challenges such as child abuse, limited knowledge and access to reproductive health rights, HIV, child and forced early marriage, unemployment, and limited access to finance and economic resources, all of which violate their rights and limit their full potential in life:

Proposed Designs

In response to the aforementioned challenges, the La’ Marc Foundation receives teenage mothers at the La’ Marc centre, where they are greeted with joy, counselled, sponsored for skills training, business mentorship, and assisted in establishing and maintaining their own businesses. La’ Marc now aims to open a coffee rehabilitation, business incubation, and innovation centre where young mothers can be helped to regain their confidence, self-esteem, and self-discovery while being groomed into young and focused entrepreneurs. Both international and local volunteers will be housed at the centre, which will also provide Agro-touring services.