Unlocking Barriers to Sustainable Farming

Uganda’s coffee export volume has steadily increased to 6.35 million bags valued at US$ 837.14 million (June 2021 – May 2022), up from 4.6 million bags valued at US$ 544.6 million in 2016/2017. The coffee industry employs approximately 1.7 million small-holder farmers across the country. As a result, coffee has remained the country’s most valuable cash crop, attracting significant investment from the government and its development partners.

Our goal is to capitalise on this opportunity by strengthening the capacity of women and youth small-holder farmers to increase production volumes while meeting international coffee standards.

We make significant efforts to collaborate with other stakeholders not only to increase coffee production volumes, but also to educate coffee farmers about quality coffee production and to increase local consumption.

We support coffee farmers to adhere to recommended farming techniques so that their coffee beans meet international quality standards, using a variety of approaches such as coffee educational shows, exchange visits among small holder farmers, farmer training in coffee business management, and linkage to financing opportunities, among others.

We are committed to ensuring that all farmers who benefit from our advisory services realize the benefits of embracing the coffee value chain. We are now concentrating on developing farmer tracking software to enable us assess the impact of our advisory services on household income improvement.


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