Our Coffee Brands

La’ Marc Coffee is a unique brand that represents the finest quality of Ugandan coffee. Our coffee is hand-picked and professionally roasted by roasters with international renown. Throughout the manufacturing process, we pay close attention to detail to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and can be accurately traced. La’ Marc coffee has become an unrivalled brand, capturing the hearts of coffee lovers in Uganda and beyond. Our mission is to empower teenage mothers and coffee-growing communities to become economically self-sufficient through the development of business skills, mentorship and coaching, and coffee farming advisory services. All proceeds from our sales go toward enhancing the lives of teenage mothers through business skills training, mentoring, and coaching, and coffee farming advisory services. Our coffee is sold in Uganda and beyond, and we strive to open more coffee shops run by barista-trained women and expand our global connections. The more coffee we sell, the more disadvantaged girls we are able to assist.

Prime Gold

Purely Arabica coffee beans are sourced from the highland areas on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, near Sipi Falls, Eastern Uganda and the Rwenzori Mountains in Southwestern Uganda.

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Crown Pride

Crown Pride is a one-of-a-kind mix of Arabica coffee grown in the highlands of Mt. Elgon and Mt. Rwenzori and Robusta coffee farmed in central Uganda.

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Pearl Choice

Pearl Choice is a celebrated magic type of Arabica and Robusta blend roasted by the most recent roasting techniques to bring out the most satisfying flavour.

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La’ Marc coffee provides an unrivaled taste that puts an end to your search for another coffee brand.

” Drink La’ Marc coffee to reawaken hope.”