We strongly believe in building a strong, committed and coffee passionate future generation through empowerment of youth and women to enhance their skills and attain their full potential. As such, we offer internship opportunities for local and international students at Higher Institutions of learning and volunteer opportunities to graduates.

Internship placements:

In a bid to realize our company mission, we offer national and international students in the area of business management and agricultural related studies an opportunity to train and gain hands on experience in our areas of operation by offering them internship placements. This opportunity does not only provide the future and current farmers with advanced knowledge and skills in coffee farming but also links them to dynamic stakeholders in the coffee sector.

Agricultural Exchange Programme. 

At La’ Marc we believe in networking, continued research and innovation to ensure we connect more with the changing world and always bring you the best products ever. With vast experience of the company directors from previous partnerships, La’ Marc (U) Ltd envisages in partnering with reputable legally registered companies and organizations to arrange educational and experiential agricultural related exchange programs for young farmers.

We believe that through exchange programs, we provide a unique opportunity to not only Ugandan youth but also those outside Uganda that will visit our farm to share and learn ideas, beliefs, values and agricultural practices through hands on experience. Our aim for this is to Inter-connect the world peacefully and support programme participants learn what happens in the other part of the of world in the field of agriculture. The participants will have the opportunity to experience the world and gain the confidence they need to excel in the agricultural sector and overall business management.