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Nashiba Zawedde

April 29, 2023    By La'Marc Foundation

Zawedde is 17 years old, and her baby turned one year on July 26th, 2022.Unfortunately, Nashiba never got to experience her father’s love because he died before she turned one. Her mother abandoned her with Grandma and went in search of work,but they lost contact with her after a short... Read More

Namuwanguzi Christine

April 29, 2023    By La'Marc Foundation

Christine is one of thousands of Ugandan girls whose lives have been completely disrupted by the COVID 19 outbreak. Her parents separated as a result of repeated domestic violence that nearly killed her mother. Christineā€™s lack of a permanent place to reside following her parentsā€™ separation led her into the... Read More

Nalukenge Robina

April 28, 2023    By La'Marc Foundation

Robinaā€™s father died when she was just two years old, leaving her mother to care for her and three other siblings. Robina’s mother made a life by vending on the streets of Kampala, but she eventually ran out of capitalĀ and was unable to feed Robinah and the rest of her... Read More

Joan Nakato Nakiwala

April 28, 2023    By La'Marc Foundation

Joan is a twin and stays with her grandma. Although Joanā€™s twin is currently in Senior secondary school, Joan dropped out of formal education at 10years when she started experiencing mental illness. It took Joanā€™s grandma four years spending a lot of her little resources to treatment her mental illness.... Read More

Annet Nanyanzi

April 28, 2023    By La'Marc Foundation

Annet gave birth to a baby girl at just 19 years. She had no opportunity of enjoying her fatherā€™s love after losing him at the age of 10 year. Her mother had no single source of income, yet she had to look after 3 other Annetā€™s siblings. Unfortunately, a friend... Read More

Happy Nambatya Kubyerwa

April 28, 2023    By La'Marc Foundation

Happy, like her, is a cheerful person; it’s difficult to tell if she’s sad or happy. She is 17 years old, the 1st born of six children, however her parents separated just after she had completed her primary seven and her mother having no source of income, she went to... Read More

Esther Nabirye

April 28, 2023    By LAMARC FOUNDATION

Esther lives in Najjemba, Wakiso district, with her untie in a two-roomed house. Her auntie lives in the same house with three other children. The untie is a peasant farmer who makes money by doing modest tasks like digging in gardens around the community with Esther. Esther’s father died when... Read More